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2014 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Many of our clients suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia in various stages ranging from very mild to very severe symptoms.  We see, hear about and feel the pain of loved ones who have been robbed of their memories and their families whose hearts have been broken as they go through this gut-wrenching experience.  We know it’s important to work with agencies and communities who train their caregivers to show patience, compassion, and respect for Alzheimer’s clients and their families. We care about each and every case, and we grieve when one of our client’s loses their battle against Alzheimer’s.

On a national level, Alzheimer’s disease is now the 6th leading cause of death. Of the top 10 causes of death in the US, Alzheimer’s disease is the only one that has no cure, no treatment, and no way to even slow down the effects of the disease. No one knows what causes Alzheimer’s disease, although advances in brain imaging technology make diagnosing it much easier than it was in the past.  Sadly, there are many myths about the cause or causes of Alzheimer’s disease, but so far nothing has conclusively proven to cause people to contract Alzheimer’s.

We need more research to find the causes of Alzheimer’s and the cure. Most people believe that if we could only find what causes Alzheimer’s disease, we might be able to make changes in our daily lives to avoid getting it. In terms of funding, the Alzheimer’s Association is the third largest organization in the world, trailing only behind the USA and Chinese governments.  Even though there are over 5 million people in the US and over 9 million people in China living with this dreaded disease, much of these governments investment has come due to strong advocacy of the Alzheimer’s Association.

In many cases the Alzheimer’s Association has funded research grants years before the government will start funding. That’s because government-led research often seems to move slowly. Sometimes breakthroughs appear that require nimble, swift decisions to invest in research in promising new areas. That’s often where the Alzheimer’s Association has a big impact since they are the largest non-profit organization investing in research against Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to being committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease through research, the Alzheimer’s Association is also committed to provide help to families who are going through the Alzheimer’s experience with a loved one. They also support finding ways to keep with brain healthy and active through their innovative “Healthy Habits for a Healthier You” program, which is replacing the older program often referred to as “Maintain your Brain”.

The Alzheimer’s Association is full of dedicated people who are committed to the organization’s missions. Both volunteers and paid staff members unite to raise awareness, and raise money for research and family caregiver support for Alzheimer’s.   The organization is extremely professional, and has comprehensive coverage for all areas of its mission.

SC-Senior Living will be working alongside Always Best Care to raise funds to support the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association: research, care and support, and prevention.  Nate Rhodes has been named the Chairman of the 2015 Columbia, SC Walk, and we are honored and humbled to work with him and the Alzheimer’s Association to serve the organization to make our walk successful.

You, too, can help support the Alzheimer’s Association by donating your time, efforts, and money to their causes. Call us at (803) 667-4400 to get more information about how you can help make a difference in the Alzheimer’s Association, or join the Columbia, SC Walk To End Alzheimer’s. With your help, we can find a cure to End Alzheimer’s.

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