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How SC Senior Living Works with Families to find Senior Living Solutions!

How we help families find Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing Homes or other Senior Living Options for Senior Loved One!

We believe that finding the right senior living solution, whether it’s Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing Home, or getting Care in your Home,  is one of the most important decisions that you have to make.  Our website,, is a great way for us to provide you information to help you in your search, but there is so much more  information that is available to families at no charge by simply calling us at (803) 667-4400.

How We Work to Help you find Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing Homes or other Senior Living Options

  1. You Contact us… calling us at (803) 667-4400 is the best way to get the personalized service you deserve
  2. You Tell Us What You Need… we’ll get details about what is going on with you parents as well as details about what they like.
  3. We Find the Right Place for your Loved One… from Assisted Living to Independent Living to Nursing Homes, based on their needs, their budget, availability of communities and a variety of other criteria
  4. You Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Loved One is in a Safe Place that Meets Their Needs

Call SC Senior Living at (803) 667-4400 to speak to a Local Senior Advisor today! If you aren’t sure whether your senior loved one can stay at home alone, get some assistance to stay at home, move to an Independent community, Assisted Living Community or if they need the specialized care of a Nursing Home, give us a call! We will help you find the right Senior Living Solution for your senior loved one to help them get the care they need in the right type of community for their needs.

Published on: Dec 7, 2014

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