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How to take your pet with you to assisted living


Numerous medical studies have reported the therapeutic value of having pets around. Some communities have a community pet and many agencies visit communities with their therapy dogs on a regular basis. It has been reported that about 40% of inquiries for Assisted Living communities ask about pet policies. One of the many criteria that we keep up with, is which communities allow pets. If your loved ones wants to bring a pet, or get a pet after they move into the community, let us know when you call. We’ll make sure we provide you information on communities that allow pets and get updated pet policies from those communities for you.

Typical Community Pet Policies
Although each community has it’s own set of rules for pets, if they allow them at all, here are some common rules:

  1. Pets must be small, usually under 35 pounds
  2. Pets must be house trained and well behaved
  3. Pets can not be a risk to their owners or other residents. For example, a dog that might pull down it’s owner, knock down another resident, or bite someone, is not allowed.
  4. Most communities only allow dogs, cats and sometimes birds. Other exotic pets are often not encouraged.
  5. The resident has to be able to provide adequate care for their pet, such as feeding it, walking it and cleaning up after it. Some communities will allow residents to hire caregivers for their pets if they are no longer able to care for the pet themselves.
  6. Most communities require a “Pet Deposit”, which is usually not refundable.

If your senior loved one has a pet, let us help you find a community where they can keep the pet to ease the transition. Call us at 803-667-4400 and tell us you are looking for a community that allows pets so we can best advise you.


Published on: Oct 9, 2014

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