SC's Best Senior Living Referral Source

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  • I thought I had looked at every community in the area but Charlene insisted that that I come and look at one last one and the minute I walked in I knew I had found the right place for my uncle.

    Sally Gyemant, September 2014

  • As mom’s dementia progressed it was important for us to find a community that met her needs and SC Senior Living did just that.

    Guy Sullivan, June 2014
  • I had an emergency situation where I had to move my parents from another state. I called Charlene and she found me the right place.

    Denise Benner, June 2013
  • Being with you was both delightful and helpful. Although I have done lots of investigating and thinking, you confirmed many of my thoughts and also challenged me to consider more carefully other opportunities. That is good! I am deeply grateful to you and I enjoyed being with you immensely. Thank you!

    Thelma R., April 2013